Women in Plastics

Women in Plastics’ aims to highlight the females in the industry that are doing great work, in every type of capacity. It aims to praise, highlight and ultimately reward the good work that is being done every day. We recognise history’s visionaries, today’s role models and tomorrow’s thought leaders to inspire and encourage more females to join the sector.

By highlighting the good work that is being done we are doing one of two things. Firstly, we’re making the plastics industry realise that there are lots of intelligent, successful and powerful women within its ranks that deserve to be admired for their work, but also can act as inspiration for a new generation of women that could plug the ever-worrying skills gap.

Secondly, it’s about awareness. Being aware that the industry is changing, that it includes women and that those women deserve to be recognised and acknowledged, both on an individual level and at a level at which they can make a positive contribution to business, be it at board level, shop-floor level or any other level in-between.

‘Women in Plastics’ is somewhere that women in the industry can group together for support, to mentor, to encourage and to learn. We’re organising networking events, skills workshops and conferences to share ideas, thoughts and strategies that can help all women, at all levels, meet their potential, as well as encouraging many more to join us.