TCT Awards

TCT has always existed at the intersection of technology and applications, and the TCT Awards will maintain this approach, celebrating the innovators, technologies and collaborators behind the leading examples of 3D technology use across the globe.

The very best use cases of these ground-breaking technologies are collaborative projects – so the TCT Awards will recognise the partners in a project from designers and engineers to technology providers. Launched in 2017 the TCT Awards take place in September at the same time as the TCT Show.

The 2017 TCT Awards will be presented for the best use of 3D printing, additive manufacturing, 3D scanning or a combination of 3D technologies in the following categories:

·      TCT Aerospace Application Award 2017

·      TCT Automotive Application Award 2017

·      TCT Creative Application Award 2017

·      TCT Healthcare Application Award 2017

·      TCT Consumer Product Application Award 2017

·      TCT Industrial Product Application Award 2017

·      TCT Technology Innovation Hardware Award 2017

·      TCT Technology Innovation Software Award 2017

·      TCT Technology Innovation Materials Award 2017

·      TCT Rising Star Award 2017


TCT Hall of Fame

In addition to the awards categories for 2017 we will be launching the TCT Hall of Fame. In addition to the industry award categories the TCT Award evening will also see the first inductees to the TCT Hall of Fame. These prestigious honours will recognise and celebrate those individuals who have made a significant impact in either inventing or developing the technologies since their inception a little over thirty years ago.

TCT Awards are part of the TCT Group and mission is to accelerate the adoption of 3D technologies for design, development and manufacture on a global scale.