Medical Plastics News

Advances in healthcare, ageing populations and increasing consumer health awareness are contributing to the important role medical plastics have to play globally.

MPN provides professionals involved in the design, supply and manufacturing of medical devices, with information on materials, medical advancement and manufacturing processes.

Through opinion, analysis and thought-leadership we engage, connect and advance our community across a multi-channel platform including print, online and digital. This ensures our community is informed of the trends and innovations in polymers, technology and device manufacturing.

Recognising the changing demands and business opportunities and weekly E-newsletter deliver news and developments influencing the global and regional markets.

In recognition of the global scale of the sector and geographical needs, we offer two regional editions. Established in 2011, the BPA-audited European print is a market leader and focuses on the advances and opportunities in this evolving market providing information for businesses requiring access or operating directly in the region.

In 2017, MPN successfully launched a dedicated edition for the North America market, an influential and major force on the global medical device scene.

MPN is a market-leading communications brand in the medical device sector and continues to develop and evolve to advance its global community.