Medical Plastics News

Plastic is the critical material component in medical device manufacturing. Medical Plastics News addresses this as a vertical industry, recognising that our readers consider themselves not just processors, but device makers.

More than any other market served by polymer engineering, the medical sector demands stringent regulatory guidance. A key role of MPN is to supply this in an engaging, easy-to-digest format.

But more than that, MPN celebrates the progressive nature of medtech. Each year thousands of startups enter the medical device market. MPN seeks these firms out, and gives readers a glimpse at life-saving innovation. 

Drawing on our background in publishing for polymer engineers, MPN is now enjoyed by technicians, designers, senior management and innovators.
Technical, engaging and useful, but also on the mark when it comes to current affairs that affect the sector. MPN is published six times a year in print to a 6000 strong BPA-audited readership. In digital its reach is 16,000 readers who receive a weekly newsletter – one of the most-read bulletins in the medical sector.